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Space-time sedenions
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Space-time sedenions
The space-time sedenions algebra encloses eight groups of values, which are differed with respect to spatial and time inversion.
Here indexes t and r indicate the transformations (for spatial inversion and for time inversion), which change the corresponding values. All introduced values can be integrated into one space-time object named space-time sedenion, which is defined by the following expression:

The multiplication and commutation rules for the basis elements are similar to quaternionic rules. They are presented in tables 1 and 2. 
The publications conserning of space-time sedenions
  1. V.L. Mironov, S.V. Mironov — Associative space-time sedenions, (2014).
  2. V.L. Mironov, S.V. Mironov - Reformulation of relativistic quantum mechanics and field theory equations with space - time sedenions


V.L.Mironov, S.V.Mironov – Associative space-time sedenions and their application in relativistic quantum mechanics and fieldtheory // Applied mathematics, 6(1), 46-56 (2015).


We present an alternative sixteen-component hypercomplex scalar-vector values named "space-time sedenions", generating associative noncommutative space-time Clifford algebra. The generalization of relativistic quantum mechanics and field theory equations based on sedenionic wave function and space-time operators is discussed.

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